David (Dave) Mayer aka “QuickSilver”, COO of Silver Star Live.  Silverstar Live is a hedge fund trader that successfully developed algorithms that is the foundation of our Artificial Intellegence Trading Software. This software enables traders of all levels of experience, from amateurs to experts, to capitalize on these volatile and highly opportunistic markets. We are proud to have the most innovative trading software on the market.

Limited Liability Company known as Silverstar Live Software, LLC

David Wayne Mayer – MUGSHOTS

Software Results
Does the software even work?

From a Victim of SSL

Anthony is the guy  who developed the software, and Dave stole his code and hired someone else.  Proof of Anthony sending codes to David when they were working together.

The Real Quick Silver Mystery and Possibility

Dave Mayer repeatedly claims to have been in a billion dollar hedge fund. Is this the Dave Mayer of Khronos Capital Ltd. who was involved in the Bernie Madoff scandal? 

Reports says David Mayer was part of the Madoff Billion Dollar Ponzi Scheme since if you google “madoff “ and “david Mayer “ that comes up and you see David Mayer name throughout.

David (Dave) Mayer Claims

Dave Mayer:  
“I Am the 182nd most intelligent person in the World!”

Scammer’s Incredulous Claims!

Dave Mayer used to work for a billion dollar hedge fund (Platinum Parters). Claims to have tripled his account every month for 16 years. Recently has been making claims of developing a super profitable Forex AI.

Dave Mayer/Quicksilver ‘s automation software and company are not CTA certified. It is illegal?

To put this into perspective, Dave claims to have worked in a hedge fund worth $1 Billion dollars. Just crunch some of those numbers hypothetically, and tell me even if Dave was making a fraction of any of it, it would be curious why he would want to come rent out his algorithm to the public for their “benefit” taking subscription fees of about $145/mo. At 1000 subscribers a month would be about $145,000 in revenue a month for the company selling the algo.

Partner of ?Felon? David Mayer

Operation of David Mayer

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